What’s turning your core?

January 2, 2020

Explore where your core muscles are.

For someone who has had injury to the spine or arthritis, there can be a number of interesting things going on such as extreme rigidity for the spine segments. Or there can be a trading of movement generated at the spine to movement generated out in some of the side muscles on the back. Sometimes even a trade is made to using the muscles between the ribs as a means to rotate or turn. But, there can be a failure to engage the deepest muscles of the spine.

In this video, the marshmallows are spine segments. The torso is the (crumbling) layers of cake.

Getting in touch with the parts of your body is useful in changing pain. First you need to develop a sense of the region on your torso as a somewhat cylindrical shape rising above the hard bones of the pelvis. This roundish shape rises to the top of the rib cage. Leave off your arms and you have the torso. I represent the whole of this space as layer cakes.

We can get quite a bit more of a handle on the pieces that make up the cylindrical shape. Also, I didn’t want to try to carve my crumbling cakes into a narrower top part. You can pretend the cakes narrow like a wedding cake as you reach the part of the torso just below the bottom of your neck.

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