Find 5 parts at top of your CORE

April 3, 2020

Ok, here we go. For now, there are 5 parts to notice.

1.) The top of the wedding cake is the top of your CORE. The top of the wedding cake is, of course, on top of the stack of cakes that represents the whole of the torso.

2.) At the center, on the front of the top cake is the top of the breastbone. This bone is the transition between the top of the CORE and the place that your arms attach to the CORE. It’s also part of where your neck attaches. This bone’s anatomical name is the Manubrium. Don’t get too hung up on the technical name unless that appeals to you. I am representing the top of the breastbone with a piece of cantaloupe rind for this bone segment. In some images it’s the shape cut out of paper.

3.) The hot dogs represent your collar bones. The hot dogs can be divided into 3 parts on each side, because the movement awareness you are developing will be more clear if you focus your attention on a smaller piece. Also, how the #1 piece moves is often different from the movement patterns in hot dog parts #2 and #3!

4.) Above the surface of the top of the wedding cake is the stack of pancakes representing your neck. The eyes on the front of the pancakes shows that the segments of your neck can look to different directions. More about that later.

5.) We’ve been focusing on the front of the top of the CORE. Let’s remember that at the back of the torso, embedded in the cake are marshmallows representing spine segments.

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Rose Fitzgibbons April 12, 2020 at 10:56 pm

This took me a few re-reads to fully understand, but Iā€™m glad you wrote this down piece by piece. Again, very helpful to be able to connect with each piece of the body, so it can eventually help with the larger whole. As you have taught me over the years of working together, making such small changes can create a bigger impact. (And who could forget about those marshmallows?) šŸ™‚

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