Feeling a Life Transition

August 5, 2021

Throughout the years I have written stories that are adapted from many experiences working in a body and mind way.

This story is about being in the journey at the beginnings of a LIFE TRANSITION. This feels like getting on a river or a road trip with unknowns ahead but a belief in having many wonderful moments. This is because our beings can be curious and want novelty. But we also operate out of a balancing dose of caution acting as a slowing down or braking effect.

I want a feeling of grace, space, good ways of moving, and the best senses of my muscle system. But instead I often enough have the feelings of an old pattern of trepidation at unknowable changes. This trepidation so easily combines with a more negative overall state than more positive overall state of awareness. I like to set up patterns for myself that help me get on the positive side of the curve. Like being on the pot-of-gold half of the rainbow than at the other side of the slope.

Moving helps me especially if I feel a sense of grace, lightness, balance, and flow. Also I like being in motion with my horse as she also finds these feelings.

Now, I’m back to the barn to orchestrate some playtime for myself and my mare friend, Minka. Then the day balances out with connections to my family and friends.

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