Physical Therapist and client in partnership

February 15, 2016

Sometimes it’s expected that the PT will know what’s wrong and the PT will direct the process to get you out of pain or guide your healing.

But, it’s also really important for the person seeking help to be an active part of the process.  This may mean you have to spell out for the PT what you know about your condition, how it impacts your life, and what you’ve tried or are currently also trying in addition to PT.

In my clinic, I like to help clients regain an internal sense of what is going on with their body.  It may mean that we work together to bring back a clear sense of what is moving and how it feels to control and guide motion in the back for example.  Having a sense of motion can  also mean learning how the foot and ankle position and support what is happening at the knee. Or, for someone with abdominal pain issues that stem from the gut, this process may involve regaining an ability to literally inhabit a particular space within the body’s interior.

The dynamic of PT and client input back and forth is a guided and exploratory investigation into regaining one’s senses.  This enables strengthening to be in correct movement patterns.

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