Neck pain

February 12, 2013

Treatment considerations for neck pain

Neck Pain can be from a recent injury or slow progression from being a desk jockey, a student, terrible texting position or from whiplash in a car accident,  a sports injury or lots of looking down for crafts.  Neck pain later in life can also have roots in stressful situations such as abuse, or an unsafe and unpredictable family while growing up.

The direct cause of pain in the neck can be a number of local structures and tissues.

I also evaluate and treat stress on the neck coming from the regions around the neck.  The position of the shoulders, and mobility in the rib cage area is very important.  It is common for the shoulders to position too far forward. This puts extra weight and strain on the neck.  If the upper back doesn’t move well, there will be a lot more stress on the lower neck discs.

Even though there may be arthritic or degenerative changes in the bones and the discs, or even nerve pain symptoms, many neck pain problems will calm down and become pain free.  There can be nerve impingement and pain that travels down from the neck into the arm or down by the shoulder blade. Sometimes there is tingling or numbness in an arm or hand.

The therapy will help decrease swelling and compression on the nerves by using resting positions and by gentle stretch and posture correcting manual therapy.  Movement in each neck segment needs to be returned. Control of neck posture that involves motion patterns that flow into the upper back needs to become part of your movement repetoire.

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