Neck pain from a car accident

December 14, 2012

If you were in a car accident you may be having neck pain.  Sometimes this pain comes on immediately, and sometimes it comes on gradually.  A lot of different structures can be sprained, bones may be twisted, and your body’s protective reactions in your muscles may be strongly triggered.  For some people, the pain settles down either by itself or with the help of therapists or chiropractors.

But, if you aren’t in this type of recovery pattern, you may feel like your sprained neck is never right again, and that the pain doesn’t go away.

It is often necessary to treat each neck ( cervical) spine segment for mobility by itself and in combination with the movements of the eyes. The head, the eyes and neck muscles are all intertwined in how they work.  When this is disrupted by car accident forces and the body’s instinctive efforts to brace, balance and orient, lingering problems can imbed in the body.

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