Head Tip Exercise

February 10, 2012

Here’s the link to a video instruction  on regaining movement  in the region just below the head.  If this area is really tight, you will substitute movement in other parts of your neck. Lack of movement in this area, can be part of headaches, upper neck pain and pain lower in the neck.  Loss of movement here can come on from a number of causes including habit, accidents, posture, computer use, medical procedures or dental procedures when your head must be turned to one side for a long time.  It can also occur if you use one eye more than the other, or one ear more than the other.

This part of the body is called the suboccipital region.  The head bone in the back of your head is called the occiput.  Many very strong muscles attach from the occiput to the neck.  some muscles are long, like the Upper Trapezius, and others are very short and deep.  The short and deep muscle group is generally called the suboccipital muscles.  These are just lots of fancy ways to name the muscles below the skull.

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