Self Help tips for full recovery

September 13, 2011

You need to feel what movement you lost with the injury and gradually move into the tight places to regain all lost motion.

For example, if you sprain your hip in a fall or a sport activity, you will have limited movement as your tissues heal. Gradually you need to seek out motion into the “tight” places to return to pre-injury status.  Typically you will be limited in the motion of pushing off your leg as you walk because the “hurt paw” type of pattern will protectively shorten muscle length on the front side of your hip.  As the pain and protective guarding lessen, you will want to move into the tightness in the front side of the hip joint to stretch yourself back out.  You can do specific hip stretches for this but ultimately you need to regain action into the lost range in normal activities like walking.

Unfortunately with more complicated joints, like the shoulder, it becomes harder to regain normal motion without substitution by other less injured parts of the whole chain of motion.  If you can let your sense of pre-injury quality guide you instead of only “where can I get my hand to”, you can do a lot of good work on your own.

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